For more efficiency. Today and tomorrow.

Developed specifically for heavy-duty distribution transport

To further increase efficiency in heavy-duty distribution transport our engineers and designers addressed all areas during the development of the Antos that enhance the sustainability of the Antos and allowed to significantly reduce your costs. Quite apart from the sophisticated aerodynamics of the new cabs, the reduced rolling resistance and the consumption-optimised auxiliary consumers, it is perhaps above all the standard-specification Euro VI engines and the Mercedes-Benz exhaust gas technology which contribute to the low fuel consumption and thus to the excellent efficiency of the new Antos. And the Antos will be looked on favourably by your customers, too, as a transport solution delivering reduced CO2 and particulates emissions.

More profitability. From day one.

The high efficiency of the Antos is also reflected in the ease with which bodies can be fitted. It accounts in particular for the large percentage of platform vehicles in heavy-duty distribution traffic. This applies equally to the selection, installation and hook-up of the body as well as to the integration of the controls and displays. In brief: everything plays a part in being able to put the Antos into service sooner and at a lower cost.

Profitable overall solution

To enable you to exploit the technical potential of the Antos to an even better degree we are attaching a lot of importance to the increased networking of trucks and services:this comprises a range of different services which have been specially tailored to the Antos,
helping to achieve particularly low overall costs and therefore a very profitable global solution. Examples include the use of state-of-the-art telematics solutions, a comprehensive Service Contract, favourable terms and conditions for leasing and financing with guaranteed high residual values plus consumption-reducing training measures. In everyday terms, this adds up More profitability. From day one.