Not just a new vehicle.

But a new class of vehicle.

The Antos defines a new class of truck for heavy-duty distribution.

Never before in the history of Mercedes-Benz has a truck been so systematically geared to the demands of distribution work from 18 t upwards.It doesn’t just define the new class by having a name of its own, though. The Antos sends out a very clear message visually speaking, too – with a design that clearly identifies it as a member of the Mercedes-Benz truck family at the same time as reflecting its tremendous functionality and efficiency in every last little detail.The engineering aboard the new Antos makes equally impressive reading: from the front bumper to the end cross member, everything is designed for dealing with the rigours of the daily routine and getting the job well done - solutions which help you to keep to deadlines and generate profits. And when it comes to collaborating with your bodybuilder, the Antos again demonstrates its true class by showing itself to be highly cooperative: it allows the vehicle configuration to be optimised for your operations whatever the sector and whatever your requirements.

A new class of handling.

The Antos quite simply makes heavy-duty distribution work easier and more efficient. The cabs have a standardised width of 2300 mm, which is ideal for accommodating all sorts of different requirements where body length, payload, interior space and the driver’s overall view are concerned. On the inside, the ergonomic workstation has been tailored to the driver to allow simple, precise operation and handling. This is exemplified by the standard-specification Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated gearshift. This combines with the comprehensive line-up of responsive Euro VI engines offering up to 460 kW (hp) output, as well as the application-matched transmissions and rear-axle ratios, to help ensure economical and dynamic operation. The newly developed and finely tuned chassis components give the truck particularly safe and solid handling characteristics, as well as making it feel remarkably pleasant to drive. And the extensive range of safety and assistance systems takes the strain off the driver and increases safety.

A new class of efficiency.

This isn’t just thanks to the standard Euro VI engines for the Antos – fuel consumption is also kept low by the fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers and the streamlined aerodynamics. The high durability of all parts, the low repair and maintenance costs and the long service intervals of up to 120,000 km* further contribute to the truck’s excellent economy. The way the vehicle is designed for complete ease of body mounting and the exemplary integration of all body components also represents a whole new class of efficiency. And for extra-economical transport operations in sectors where payload and chassis height are crucial, we have developed the Antos Loader and Antos Volumer model variants.You are also able to enhance organisational and logistics efficiency at the same time as optimising vehicle availability by choosing from the range of specially tailored services for the Antos, such as FleetBoard.

All in all, it’s a whole new class of truck, offering improved handling and increased efficiency. The Antos. Just take a look for yourself!

* Depending on the engine variant and in conjunction with FleetBoard.