The Eco-Manager Seminar

Identify potential

The two-day Eco-Manager Seminar

In this seminar, economy in your business is looked at as a whole. Your data on fuel usage (e.g. from telematics systems) are analysed, potential for improvement is identified and concrete measures are defined on this basis. You also learn about all the factors influencing fuel consumption. You learn about the effects of driving style through a demonstration drive and theoretical evaluation.


Potential for optimisation is identified using the data on fuel and concrete measures for economising throughout the business are defined.

  • Leveraging greater profitability
  • Profitable configurations
  • Optimisation in practice
  • Driving economically
  • Analysing telematics data, e.g. from FleetBoard
  • All about fuel
  • Further areas for increasing profitability
  • including individual training and advice following the seminar at your premises

The location, duration and costs can be added here for specific markets.