The new benchmark for efficiency.


  • Deployment as an all-year-round all-rounder, with more than a thousand possible applications
  • Low consumption of fuel, AdBlue and engine oil
  • State-of-the-art, efficient Mercedes-Benz drive system technology, proven in large series production
  • Low maintenance costs through extended maintenance intervals
  • New, maintenance-friendly cooling system
  • Powerful premium engine brake 
  • Excellent corrosion prevention

Environmentally friendly.

  • New, even cleaner generation of BlueEfficiency Power engines meeting the Euro VI emissions standard
  • Drastic reduction in emissions and particulates by up to 90 % over the previous Euro V engines


  • High-torque engines with up to 220 kW output (300 hp)
  • Uprated-performance transmission responsive to the application to be carried out
  • Greater productivity through the more powerful VarioPower(R) power hydraulics
  • Higher payload through the higher load rating and
  • weight optimisation
  • Fully-proportional working hydraulics enabling sensitive implement control
  • Road speed up to 90 km/h