The efficient source of power for the energy industry.

Professional implement-carrier, powerful transport vehicle, mobile workshop: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is all this in one vehicle. And thus able to cover the entire range of requirements for an effective energy industry fleet.

Whether you are exploiting new energy sources, working in surface mines or are responsible for maintaining/servicing extensive power supply networks, the unique chassis and equipment-carrying concepts of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks enable you to operate at full capacity – even when fully laden. And what's more, exactly where it's most needed day after day in the energy industry: on difficult off-road terrain.

And if there is a breakdown within the power supply network – the Unimog will get your personnel, equipment, tools and materials directly to the places they are needed, without having to transfer the load to any other vehicle, allowing you to set up the work site and address the problem in the quickest possible time. Better performance, lower costs: the calculation works to your advantage.