Plus3 financing.


A flexible form of auto-financing, with fixed monthly instalments and no capital commitment; and without the risk that the vehicle’s residual value and the balloon payment will differ from each other. At the end of the contract period you decide whether you want to return the Mercedes at the agreed residual value, make the balloon payment or continue to finance the vehicle. This way you enjoy maximum flexibility in your decision.

Your options at the end of the contract

Keep your vehicle: you make the agreed final balloon payment and the vehicle is automatically yours. You can also take out a loan with us to cover the final instalment, allowing payment in convenient monthly instalments..

Sell your vehicle yourself: you sell the vehicle yourself and use the proceeds to make the agreed final balloon payment.

Hand back your vehicle: you hand back the vehicle in a condition as per the agreement and receive the guaranteed residual value from your dealer. This corresponds with your option financing instalment.

How you benefit.

  • Maximum flexibility at end of contract
  • Flexible deposit
  • Consistent monthly instalments
  • Vehicle return guarantee at end of contract
  • Guaranteed residual value

Benefits for business customers.

  • The vehicle is a capital asset on the balance sheet
  • Depreciation can be claimed for tax purposes