Mercedes-Benz Used Parts.

Mercedes-Benz Used Parts.

Used, tested and with warranty.

We have been disassembling Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles here at the Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center since 1996. Functional wheels and other parts are transformed into Mercedes-Benz Used Parts after undergoing a strict technical inspection. And our expertise is just as great as our permanent stock: around 500,000 parts, from aluminium rims to trim strips. When it comes to quality we make no compromises, only when it comes to the price.

On the right road with this: parts that suit your car and your wallet.

Very often it is only worthwhile to carry out a repair if the cost is not too high: this is especially the case when the car under repair is old. However, we want you to save on parts without compromising on quality. Mercedes-Benz Used Parts offer a suitable, economical, reliable solution. So that your well-loved star can remain mobile safely for a long time yet.

We give used parts a second chance – and a 24-month warranty.

The purchase of used parts is a matter of trust. With Mercedes-Benz Used Parts you can relax. Because we check every part painstakingly and give you a 24-month warranty if the parts are installed in a specialised workshop.

Re-use has priority. Good news for the environment, too.

With Mercedes-Benz Used Parts quality assurance is given the highest priority. Most of the vehicle parts we disassemble are far from being "old iron" and can be re-used instead. This is the highest level of recycling; one that protects natural resources. Only those parts that do not meet our quality requirements and therefore cannot be installed in a vehicle, are processed to extract re-usable materials. Our commitment to dealing responsibly with Nature requires us to do this.

Order at your Mercedes-Benz dealership or online.1

You can also order directly from our international online shop as a registered workshop or automotive professional. We will check if express delivery is available if you are under particular time pressure2.

The online shop for consumers is currently exclusively available in German. However, you are more than welcome to have a look at any time.

Call us on workdays at +49 (0) 711 - 17 70 000 or visit our online shop at any time.


Our online shop is available to registered commercial users in German, English and French. Our shop is currently only available to customers in German.


Express delivery is subject to a surcharge and possible for orders we receive by 2 pm. Individual arrangements are always required for deliveries outside Germany. In highly critical cases we ask you submit the order by telephone or contact us at +49 (0)711 17 70000.

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